Sunday, June 16, 2013


The UP Babaylan and University Student Council

proudly gives you

Pride Week 2013: Live Free. It's Safe in U.P.
Every June, it has been a tradition for the University Student Council, UP Babaylan, and other gender advocates, to come together and celebrate the annual Pride Week. For the past years, it has been organized to campaign for important legislations and policy proposals such as the Anti-Discrimination Bill that shall safeguard the rights of the LGBT Community. This year, the theme for the celebration is "Live Free. It's Safe in UP". We would like to project the University of the Philippines as a place that's safe for the LGBT Community and we would want to influence other institutions to do the same.

Schedule of Events:
June 25
- Exhibit Launch at AS Lobby (12nn to 1pm)
- Ang Paglalantad Presents: SOGI Exposed at Malcolm Theater (4pm to 6pm)

June 26
- Film Showing at FC AVR (1pm to 3pm)
- College Discussion Group at Palma Hall (4pm to 6pm)

June 27
- Annual UP Pride March meet at AS Steps (4pm to 6pm)

June 28
- Project Genderway: An LGBT Fashion Show at AS Lobby (7pm to 9pm)

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