Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UP Math Majors Circle (UP MMC) officers have spoken! HEART DIÑO is our USC Chairperson!

"Heart and I are not close but I have worked under her leadership. With this experience with her, I can say with no doubt that she really is an effective and responsible leader. Even in certain USC activities that she worked on, I can see her dedication. So, I'm entrusting next year's good governance to her. Hands down to Heart Diño!

Doon ako sa may pusong maglingkod. Dahil naniniwala ako na kapag puso ang iyong ginamit sa lahat ng ginagawa mo, malaki ang magagawa mo. Kaya si Heart Diño ang susuportahan kong USC Chairperson. Witness ako sa kanyang pamumunong may puso."

Geldof Resuello
Membership Officer, UP Mathematics Majors' Circle 2011-2012

"In the USC, we need a leader who not only can speak well, but DELIVER his/her statements and promises. HEART DIÑO has what it takes to lead the student body in the upcoming academic year. I have worked closely with Heart in UPMMC and CSSC in many instances, and I have full confidence that my vote is going the right way-- the HEART way.

She is a gifted leader with a knack for excellence. As proof of this, she has balanced her monumental tasks as CSSC Councilor and UP MMC Secretary on top of maintaining a magna cum laude standing. In doing so, her results were always above par. Moreover, she never fails to empower her teammates to achieving higher standards. 

So I urge everyone who gets to read this, vote for Heart. Her actions speak louder than words. Check her credentials. QED."

Terrence Teh
President, UP Mathematics Majors' Circle (UP MMC) 2010-2011
Conductor, College of Science Chorale 2009-present

"I've worked with Heart under her committee in UP Mathematics Majors' Circle for two semesters, and for those two same semesters, she was head of the Public Relations Committee of the College of Science Student Council. Her heavy extra-curriculars did not take a toll on her academics, as she graduated that year Magna Cum Laude under the BS Math degree program. For all this, there is no other student in our institute whom I look up to as much as I look up to Heart.

Having personally worked with her for more than a year, I can say that her work ethic, her drive, her passion, and of course, her exemplary leadership are exactly what we need in our USC Chairperson. Her strongest influence on me was pushing me not just to be active in the organization, but also to serve in the College of Science Student Council. Again, qualities of a true leader. She encourages people to strive to be better, and at the same time give back to society. 

So why Heart Diño? Not only because she is competent - some could argue that all the other candidates are as well; but because this past year in the USC, Heart has produced concrete results.

Heart's actions, her successes and achievements, are testaments to her unwavering passion for serving and for pushing for change in the university.

These are testaments that cannot lie.

We are so easily swayed by spoken words, by big personalities and by excellent public speakers. But what use are mere words to us if they cannot be put into action?

A vote for Heart is a vote for ACTUAL change, ACTUAL solutions, ACTUAL advancements. She has proven, more than anyone, I believe, that her actions speak louder than words."

Patricia Tamase
Institute of Mathematics Representative, College of Science Student Council 2011-2012
3rd Year Level Representative, UP Mathematics Majors' Circle 2011-2012

*** Heart Diño graduated Magna Cum Laude from the UP Institute of Mathematics in 2011, and is currently taking up MS Applied Mathematics, Major in Finance.

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