Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UP LAW students and alumni support HEART DIÑO for USC Chairperson!

The heart of the legal profession lies not in the mechanical application of law but the embodiment of advocacy. We are trained in the legal profession not to become technicians skilled in stretching the interpretation of the law, but to become advocates who push for substantive justice. As prospective advocates of the law, we see beyond personal ties and side with good causes.

It is for this reason that we come together to endorse HEART DIÑO as our USC CHAIRPERSON.

We believe that HEART embodies the spirit of advocacy: taking on a cause bigger than her own, and defending it with reason, dignity and passion. As a tireless crusader for gender issues in the University and national stage, she has shown us the possibilities of a more accepting society. In a country where being who you are can still be frowned upon, HEART shows us the face of acceptance.

We believe that UP student institutions sets the pace for our country to follow. If we show everyone that we can elect a leader regardless of her gender – considering only competence and character – then we are sending a signal to our country too strong to ignore. Let us lead the way in advocating for a fairer society by voting for a real advocate of equality and acceptance. Let us make history by electing HEART DIÑO as our USC CHAIRPERSON.


Diega Villanueva
Batch 2014
Political Affairs Officer, House of Representatives
President, UP Organization of Human Rights Advocates (UP OHRA)

Toff Lamug
Batch 2013
Incumbent Vice President, UP Law Student Government (LSG)
Vice Chairperson, CSSP Student Council (2006-2007)

Richard Beltran
Batch 2013
Incumbent Third Year Batch Representative, UP LSG

Louie Camino
Batch 2014
Incumbent Second Year Batch Representative, UP LSG
Councilor, CSSP Student Council (2009-2010)

Chingkay Martirez
Batch 2011
Junior Associate, Leynes Lozada-Marquez Law Offices
Law Representative, University Student Council (2010-2011)

Simoun Salinas
Batch 2011
Communications and Media Relations Officer, Office of Rep. Miro Quimbo
Councilor, University Student Council (2010-2011)

Marian Cloma
Batch 2011
Technical Working Group, Committee on Transportation, House of Representatives

Pau Duman
Batch 2011
Media and Legal Officer, House of Representatives
Evening Representative, UP LSG (2010-2011)
Vice Chairperson, CSSP Student Council (2003-2004)

Tina Reyes
Batch 2013
President, C2013
President, WINLAW

Viktor Fontanilla
Batch 2012
Vice Chairperson, University Student Council (2007-2008)
CSSP Representative, University Student Council (2006-2007) 

Luis Geronimo
Batch 2011
Councilor, University Student Council (2009-2010) 

Katz Manzano
Batch 2013
External Vice President, WINLAW 
Councilor, University Student Council (2009-2010)

Pats Alcantara
Batch 2015
Erasmus Mundus Scholar
Councilor, University Student Council (2004-2005)

Oyie Javelosa
Batch 2016
Chairperson, CSSP Stuident Council (2010-2011)

Carlo Marcaida
Batch 2013
President, Block D2013
Councilor, CSSP Student Council (2007-2008)

Kring Bongcaron
Batch 2011

Tonton Mina
Batch 2013

Edward Dayog
Batch 2016

Gino Paulo Uy
Batch 2011

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