Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) endorses Heart Diño for USC Chairperson!

Last year, Heart Diño made history in student politics for having been the first number one transgender Councilor in the UP Diliman University Student Council, actively campaigning for gender equality and rights. Not stopping there, alongside the strides and successes forged in the local and national LGBT movements, she involved herself in other advocacies and campaigns including students’ rights and welfare, reproductive health, and poverty alleviation, with her recently being appointed as the Youth and Student’s Representative to the National Anti-Poverty Commission.

Her accomplishments in championing various causes are enduring testaments of her commitment to responsible and principled leadership and her skill in organizing student activities and engendering mass participation. Through her active involvement in causes ranging from gender awareness and equality to student empowerment, her fervor and zeal to effect meaningful change through service are plainly incontrovertible. Indeed she has delivered, and shall continue to deliver.

With these premises, we in the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) proudly express our support for the candidacy of Heart Diño as Chairperson of the UP Diliman University Student Council. Her brilliance, creativity and excellent work ethic, coupled with a heart for those she seeks to represent, make her a formidable leader worthy of trust. We stand firm in the belief that she is in the best position to lead the USC in delivering the campaigns, activities and services the scholars of the people deserve.

Truly, running under a platform grounded on maximizing involvement and realizing the potential of an organized studentry for social progress, she and the other candidates from UP ALYANSA represent the real shot at rebuilding confidence and reinvigorating involvement in a historical student political institution and in effecting progressive change in the university and the nation.

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