Friday, March 2, 2012



We are a university like no other.

We break stereotypes, exceed expectations and bravely go against the status quo. In the heart of UP is the constant yearning for change. We are never contented because we always imagine that things could be better for us, the University, our communities and the country. For the past 20 years, UP Babaylan has thrived in this climate of change that is, most of the time, nurturing and, at times, challenging.

Last March 1, UP once again reaffirmed its commitment to change with the election of Heart Diño as the first transgender USC Chairperson and, our Punong Babaylan, Pat Bringas as no. 2 Councilor. Their election is a big and meaningful leap towards our vision for equality, acceptance and respect for diversity. Their election, surprising and historic, is a kind and gentle reminder that things can and do change. With the mandate bestowed upon Heart and Pat is the collective responsibility for us, mga Iskolar para sa Bayan, to continue dreaming and working for change and to be always passionate for making things better.

Thank you UP for embracing diversity and thank you for always believing in change.

We should never forget that change is bongga.

UP Babaylan
March 2012

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