Friday, May 4, 2007

UP Babaylan's Top 10 Country Visitors - Google Analytics

Since we started this blog we thought it wise to install Google Analytics into the UP Babaylan blog, so we could track the activity of this blog.

There are lots of information you can use from Google Analytics, one of which is Geo Location.

It indicates the top countries from which your visitors are based and/or located.

Above you'll see the top 10 countries for the week april 28 - may 4

We will try to establish networks with LGBT student organizations in these countries and in the process learn new things in the exchange of ideas and correspondences.

If you maintain a website or a blog, you may copy and paste the html code provided by Google Analytics. Then you can easily access your blog/site statistics.

To learn more on Google Analytics click here.

Kudos to everyone!

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