Thursday, June 28, 2012

UP PRIDE WEEK : PATAS Solidarity Message

It has been a question whether or not atheists and agnostics must support the LGBT Pride March. Well, it’s really not a matter whether it’s an atheist or not. We have atheist friends who are homosexuals. We have homosexual relatives. The truth of the matter is that we are here not as an atheists/agnostics organization but as people who believe that gender-equality is a part of civilized society. We are not limited in a standard based on believing that there are only two opposite sexes. We believe that there are no barriers that can justify bigotry, especially in campuses. 

Our schools must have the atmosphere of equal opportunity to all. Discrimination has no place in our educational system. A school that promotes sexual bigotry automatically encourages this type of behavior outside the campus. We at PATAS believe that as what our name suggest, we must give equal respect to all people without basing it on their sexual preferences. Our educational institutions reflect our community and our society as a whole. 

PATAS believe in love and parity and we believe that our educational institutions must be more than just providing students with the basic instructions that they will be using to find work. Schools must also provide a harmonious atmosphere of love and gender equality.

PATAS joins this march to express its concern and its support together with other organizations for the implementation of gender friendly policies in this school and on other campuses around the Philippines.

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