Thursday, May 12, 2011

Meeting with UP President Pascual

We are happy to share with you good news. Never dropping the ball on the continuing fight to win the discrimination case of our member Hender Gercio, UP Babaylan is simultaneously working with the University to prevent future cases of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to happen to other students of the University. Finally, we were able to schedule a meeting with officials of the University to discuss our programs and plan of actions to prevent and stop discrimination from propagating inside the University. This is the solution that will prevent faculties, students and employees of the University to abuse loopholes in University policies that allow them to abuse and hinder students and other members of the University to grow and learn to their fullest potentials, by exposing the students to harmful and discriminatory acts based on biases against chosen sexual orientation and gender identity of the students.

UP Babaylan (represented by Punong Babaylan Bohn Vergara and Hender Gercio), together with the University Student Council Gender Committee (headed by Babaylan member, Councilor Heart Dino) met up with President Pascual and the Prof. Marion Tan from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and presented programs on how the University of the Philippines can be at the forefront of Gender Equality.

Among the issues and programs discussed were:

1. Anti-Discrimination Policy within UP
2. Mandatory Gender Sensitivity workshops for faculty and non-teachinf personnel.
3. Gender-neutral curriculum in UP.
4. Celebration of UP LGBT Week on June 28 - July 1

This is how UP Babaylan will continue to advance the rights and welfare of the students of the University, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Join us in our campaign for a University that allows you to choose who you want to be, a person who is free to express who you want to be, without fear of prejudice from society inside and out of the University. 

To learn more on how you can be part of the campaign or how you can also enjoy how it is like to live your life free from discrimination and prejudice, add the following on facebook:

UP Babaylan

UP University Student Council Gender Committee

UP RH Agenda

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