Saturday, March 5, 2011

Transphobia and Inappropriate Blog Titles.

It has come apparent to the organization that there are individuals from the UP College of Arts and Letters who were offended by the title of a recent blog post which documented another act of discrimination that occurred in the said college. This second incident of discrimination happened prior to Hender Gercio’s case at the UP-CAL Department of European Languages. The blog post entitled “Why is the UP College of Arts and Letters so Homophobic?” elicited reactions from individuals stating that the blog title was inappropriate.

We apologize for the inappropriate title of that post if it offended you.

Transphobia in the form of disregarding titles and pronouns that reflect the gender identity of the person is just like using inappropriate blog titles. It is offensive. Transphobia, just like using inappropriate blog titles, is unjust. Transphobia, just like using inappropriate blog titles, creates an environment where individuals that comprise any institution, are deprived of the humane treatment.

We at UP Babaylan admire the individuals who had the courage to raise their voices. We admire you for being quick on your feet when it comes to correcting inappropriate blog titles. We also hope, that when it comes to raising voices and creating real solutions that provide social justice and uphold the equality of sexual orientation and gender identity in the UP College of Arts and Letters and in any other institution, that you also will commit the same fervor, passion and expediency.

Together, let us work towards a University that knows why inappropriate blog titles are wrong and unacceptable just as how inappropriate titles and pronouns are transphobic and unjust.

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malditera said...

Well, I see the point on both angles. Glad you didn't totally change the title (you can't remove it from the URL anyway, unless you delete it and repost it).

I have had classes at CAL and most of my professors there don't seem to be homophobic. (Not when you have J. Neil Garcia in there.) Or the rest probably have never talked about it. I suppose the biggest difference between CAL and CMC is the level of noise the gay communities are capable of emitting.

Anyway, for me, most blog titles are meant to be deceiving anyway. The important thing is that you keep this fight up. :)

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