Friday, February 25, 2011

Hender's Rights are Gender Rights.

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Anonymous said...

My pronouns are MY pronouns. I don't care what your sexual orientation is, but I will not let you violate my religious beliefs.

Sheesh. I wish that when you call for mutual respect, you walk your talk.

moody said...

Hi anonymous,

Why are you hiding in anonymity. Not so sure about the strength of your argument?

Read this:

and this:

...and lets see you follow the bible verbatim. Obviously, fundamentalists like nikki, or clueless self-righteous readers like you, are VERY SELECTIVE with which verses still hold true and which ones can be easily dismissed. Who are you to judge which verses one must still uphold and which verses one must overlook and forget? Are you GOD to do that?

Im human and i know very well what are universal human rights. Human rights that are void of religious tenets and biases that discriminate and punish other human beings.

Kittel said...

gays in the philippines are still generally backward, that's why you can't blame people if the kind of treatment didn't change much. i see improvement in the acceptance level of society due to of course 'globalization' and given the inate qualities of a gay as companion. but discrimation, panunukso, pretty much are still out there kasi me nabago ba sa baklang pilipino? wala. and i think there's even more pressure/discrimination within the gay community, gays discriminating kapwa gays. we really don't need something like this, issue is so passe, trivial and it amounts to nothing. what we need is empowerment. we need you guys to walk the talk, to set an example. life is different for us, we don't earn respect with just titles and achievements. we earn them by giving the impression of 'expect the unexpected'. that we are no gays of the past. we are not obssessed with hada, booking, we are not pressured by expectations of society, and most importantly, we are doubly dignified as a respectable man and a respectable woman. think and act differently, if we know better we do better u know the usual jazz. I think pretty much all gay movements really didn't recognize that somehow root of the problem is within the gay himself/herself. naghahanap ka ng pagbabago, pero me nabago ba sayo?

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