Thursday, June 26, 2008

UP Babaylan Statement for UP Centennial Pride March

UP Centennial Pride March

University of the Philippines - Diliman
June 27, 2008

As the University celebrates a century of academic excellence, UP Babaylan celebrates its 16th year in this ongoing voyage of pride and legacy. A journey punctuated by the struggles and victories in advancing LGBT rights and advocating Gender Equality by the very first and the largest LGBT organization in the academic system of the Philippines. This Legacy of Babaylan produced a lot of firsts in the University’s 100 years of existence.

The first openly gay Chairperson of the University Student Council, Mr. Percival Cendana, is from UP Babaylan. The very resolution that resulted into the establishment and strengthening of the USC Gender Desk is a result of consultations with the members of UP Babaylan, and was championed by Mr. Cendana as well. The first LGBT Student Leadership Congress which involved all LGBT student organizations and NGO’s in the Philippines was organized by UP Babaylan. This congress resulted in the creation of Lagablab, the very organization active in pushing and lobbying for the National Anti-Discrimination Bill. Before this year ends, we will create another milestone. We are pleased to inform everyone that you can look forward to the very first University Gay Games this Centennial year, another gift we offer to UP and its hundred years of Milestones. And even then, we are not done.

Sixteen years. Sixteen very difficult years. Sixteen years of educating Iskolars about Gender Equality and Sensitivity comes with a price. Attempts to stain the reputation of Babaylan came from groups and individuals who don’t share our vision of a progressive society free of injustices based on gender. With each struggle against discrimination and intolerance, Babaylan has come out victorious, and this we owe to the Iskolars who valiantly took the challenge Babaylan offered to them. These Iskolars, who are now our Alumni and Members, continue to be beacons for those struggling against the weight of gender-based injustices inside and out of University.

The struggle towards Gender Equality does not end here. This goes on like a long uncertain road, and we choose to blaze the trail.

Fellow Iskolars para sa Bayan, we invite you to join us as we call for Gender Equality and the end of Discrimination based on genders.

Be one with us, as we celebrate 100 years of Academic Excellence...
Be one with us, as we celebrate 16 years of advancing Gender Equality...
Be one with us, as we celebrate a day of Pride and Legacy...
Be one with us, Iskolars para sa Bayan....
Be one with us.

One Pride. One Legacy.


A Century Towards Gender Equality.

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