Sunday, August 26, 2007

UP Babaylan repaints Tambayan

Its about time that that our Tambayan (its the local Filipino vernacular for the place where friends hang-out) --- the Pink Gazebo, gets a face lift. Every start of the semester, the Tambayan of UP Babaylan gets repainted a clean and nice Pink color.

The Tambayan is valued by organizations such as Babaylan, as it is in the Tambayan where memories are formed, personalities grow, and histories are made. It is in the Tambayan where UP Babaylan will decide on pertinent matters that will dictate the direction of the Organization. It is in the Tambayan where we reflect on our past, work on our present, and plan on our future, as the oldest LGBT Organization in the Philippines.

Check more photos of what transpired during the make-over of our Tambayan:
Album 1
Album 2

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