Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gay News: Singapore Sex Laws

Utopia-Asia.Com reports on the revision of Singapore Sex Laws.

SINGAPORE - Nov 9, 2006

The Singapore government is considering changes to its antique British colonial laws that have criminalized oral and anal sex between consenting adults. But only heterosexual citizens will be allowed to suck and fuck ass under the new revisions.

Homosexuals and bisexuals (about 50% of Singaporean society) would remain subject to penalties, including life imprisonment, for "doin' what comes natur'lly."

Britain, which seeded this legal mess across the lands it conquered and bent to its will, has already repealed its own statutes and allows its citizens to freely go down on each other and knock at the back door any time they like.

Citing the dumb mantra that Singaporeans are backward and unable to think intelligently, the government has once again kowtowed to religious minorities and bigots to maintain irrational prejudice and criminalize common recreations for hundreds of thousands of its citizens.

It remains to be seen if the local gay community can stop partying for a few minutes and make a stand for equal rights under their own laws.

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